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ZigBee Occupancy Sensor Reference Design

reference design 2.png

  • Provides the quickest path to a next generation wireless product
  • Ultra low-power design encompassing both hardware to software






ZigBee Smart Outlet Reference Design

Connected Lighting Reference Design.png

  • Provides the quickest path to a next generation wireless product
  • Addresses the major challenges of a wireless outlet design







ZigBee® Connected Lighting Reference Design


  • Includes hardware, firmware and software tools for the wireless radio
  • Lights support white, temperature and RGB color settings, and dimming functionality.




ZigBee® Contact Sensor Reference Design


  • Low-power hardware and software provide all the tools needed to develop a final product.
  • Interoperable with other gateways and comes with pre-programmed firmware




ZigBee® Capacitive Sense Dimmable Light Switch Reference Design


  • Can detect different gestures like touch and swipe
  • Uses capacitive sensing technology







ZigBee® Wi-Fi/Ethernet Gateway Reference Design


  • Allows monitoring of the status of lights, control of RGB color, color temperature
  • Binding to other devices through a graphical web user interface






ZigBee® USB Virtual Gateway Reference Design


  • Offers the ability to create bindings and monitor between Zigbee end devices like lights and contact sensors
  • Fastest method to demonstrate Zigbee to Wi-Fi gateway







Zigbee Remote Control Reference Design


  • Silicon Labs’ new ZigBee Remote Control reference design
  • Reduces the need for costly external hardware
  • Enables development of full-featured, voice-enabled remote controls






C8051F850 电动机控制参考设计

C8051F850 Motor Control Reference Design

  • Silicon Labs C8051F850 无感应器无刷直流 (BLDC) 电动机控制参考设计
  • 随时可使用发电机控制解决方案,搭配产品级质量硬件和软件,在成本敏感性应用中快速评估和部署
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