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5 Trends for the Smart Home from Computex 2017

Jason Rock, a strategist in our IoT division, recently attended Computex 2017 in Taipei and shares with us some of the key take-aways from the event.

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IoT Hero Sengled Brings Style and Simplicity to Smart Connected Lighting

Charles Sum, vice president of R&D at Sengled, shares with us his vision for helping to simplify our surroundings with well-designed lighting products that integrate simplicity, aesthetics, and ease-of-use. 


IoT Hero Nanoleaf Breaks Down Barriers Between Doing Good, Looking Good, and Feeling Good

Nanoleaf, a Smart Lighting company, delivers never-before-seen lighting applications with a passion for cutting-edge design and sustainability. See how his company uses ZigBee SoCs8-bit MCUs, and the Bluetooth Blue Gecko SoC.


IoT Hero Braingrid is Redefining Power for the Future

Braingrid_Blog.jpgIoT Hero Michael Kandoff at Braingrid is really passionate about revolutionizing applications in the energy and agriculture sectors. 

Betting Big on the Connected Home

EE Times’ Chief International Correspondent Junko Yoshida recently interviewed Yorbe Zhang, EE Times China’s editor-in-chief, focusing on China’s electronics industry and its outlook for 2017. Zhang singled out connected devices for the home as among the top five areas of interest for Chinese consumers in 2017.

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IoT Hero Anrim Technologies: Taking a Different Road with Connected Cars & More

blog-anrim.jpgSee how IoT Hero Jason Harris is uncovering previously inaccessible opportunities in the connected car market.

Helping Sengled Develop a Better Lightbulb

If you were at CES this year you may have caught a glimpse of the new Element connected lightbulb from Sengled. Check out how we’re helping them to connect easily to multi-node mesh networks deployed in smart homes.Sengled Highlight.jpg

IoT Hero Professor Sergei Bezrukov: Seeding the Next Generation of Innovators

blog-prof.jpgSee how the IoT is helping this professor encourage his students to think outside the box and push the bounds of creative problem-solving with cutting-edge technology. 

Connected Lighting Q&A

Alex Koepsel, one of our product marketing engineers, sat down recently to address some of the pressing questions facing the connected lighting market, including some of the design challenges facing developers. Connected Lighting_Teaser.jpg 

CES 2017 Recap: In its 50th Year, CES Finds its Voice

We spent last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, and what a week it was. 2016 was clearly dominated by voice control. Here are or some thoughts on that and other observations from Skip Ashton, Silicon Labs' VP of software engineering.


Tying the IoT Together: Wireless Protocols

As you know, the number of devices for the connected home is growing faster than you can say “Alexa.”  And as this world expands, it’s important to understand the way in which all of these devices communicate with each other.Protocol Highlight.png

Happy Holidays: Bringing a Futuristic Smart Home to Life

Occupancy Sensor Highlight Image.jpg

The holidays are upon us, whch means its gift-giving time. Thanks to the explosion in popularity of IoT products, there’s lots of great stuff to choose from. 


IoT Hero Xively Wants to Ensure a Jetsons-like Future

blog-xively.pngSee how IoT Hero Xively helps companies use the IoT to create new revenue channels, streamline business processes, and design innovative products and services that will transform our everyday lives.

On the Cutting Edge of Smart Grid Innovation: IoT Hero Nexgrid

Square.jpgNexgrid Founder and CEO Costa Apostolakis shares the unique IoT journey of a utility sector innovator that offers unrestricted monitoring and control of metering and data for electric, water, and gas. 

Make it Small, Make it Fast, Make it First: Introducing the World’s Smallest Bluetooth SiP Module

Today we introduced the industry's smallest Bluetooth low energy system-in-package (SiP) module, measuring in at just 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm with a built-in chip antenna. The next small thing is here, with all-in-one Bluetooth connectivity.

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