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IoT Hero Revolar: Keeping Loved Ones Safe with the Tap of a Button

Revolar is using the power of connectivity to develop personal safety devices that can help users stay safe with the push of a button. We recenlty had the opportunity to speak with co-founder Andrea Perdomo about the company and how they're using the IoT to meet this challenge. 


Silicon Labs Bluetooth Implementations Unaffected by BlueBorne

BlueBorne, the attack announced this week by the security firm Armis, makes it possible for hackers to take control of Bluetooth devices and spread malware laterally to adjacent devices. This vulnerability highlights the value of being able to upgrade security through software updates.



IoT Hero Deep Freeze Fishing: Taking Customers out of the Cold

Brad Zdroik is the founder of Deep Freeze Fishing and he's using the IoT to help anglers keep warm while they are ice fishing with an alert system so they can monitor their lines from afar. 


Bluetooth Mesh by the Numbers

Bluetooth now supports mesh networking, extending the ubiquitous nature of the global standard even farther. Here's an at-a-glance look at what that means. 

Mesh Highlight Final.png

Extending Bluetooth with Mesh Networking

Today we’re unleashing a suite of development tools, a software stack, and mobile applications to extend the power of Bluetooth with mesh networking. 

Blog Preview.jpg

Breathing Easy with IoT Hero Propeller Health

Greg Tracy, co-founder and CTO of Propeller Health, talks about using the IoT to help asthma and COPD patients by helping them remember to take their medicine and identify triggers that lead to symptoms.blog-propeller.jpg

IoT Hero Sengled Brings Style and Simplicity to Smart Connected Lighting

Charles Sun, vice president of R&D at Sengled, shares with us his vision for helping to simplify our surroundings with well-designed lighting products that integrate simplicity, aesthetics, and ease-of-use. 


IoT Hero Nanoleaf Breaks Down Barriers Between Doing Good, Looking Good, and Feeling Good

Nanoleaf, a Smart Lighting company, delivers never-before-seen lighting applications with a passion for cutting-edge design and sustainability. See how his company uses ZigBee SoCs8-bit MCUs, and the Bluetooth Blue Gecko SoC.


Connected Lighting Q&A

Alex Koepsel, one of our product marketing engineers, sat down recently to address some of the pressing questions facing the connected lighting market, including some of the design challenges facing developers. Connected Lighting_Teaser.jpg 

Tying the IoT Together: Wireless Protocols

As you know, the number of devices for the connected home is growing faster than you can say “Alexa.”  And as this world expands, it’s important to understand the way in which all of these devices communicate with each other.Protocol Highlight.png

Make it Small, Make it Fast, Make it First: Introducing the World’s Smallest Bluetooth SiP Module

Today we introduced the industry's smallest Bluetooth low energy system-in-package (SiP) module, measuring in at just 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm with a built-in chip antenna. The next small thing is here, with all-in-one Bluetooth connectivity.

 SiP Blog Highlight.jpg

Inboard Technology Uses Connectivity to Bring Style and Speed to Personal Transportation

inboard-square.jpgCheck out this IoT skateboard that has the potential change the way people look at transportation. 

Sense is Everything: Enter to Win our Latest Thunderboard Inspiration Kit

Last month we released Thunderboard Sense, the latest addition to our Thunderboard family that brings sophisticated sensor technology to Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread, and proprietary wireless applications. Now we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on one for nothing.Sense Highlight.png

IoT Hero Chronicled Breaks Into Another Dimension of User Experience

chronicled-Square.jpgWe recently enjoyed the chance to chat with Chronicled CEO and co-founder Ryan Orr about his company’s mission to give products a unique, interoperable identity within the IoT realm. 

Trick Out Your Minecraft with the BGM111

Embedded expert James Langbridge describes how he used the Blue Gecko BGM111 Bluetooth Smart Module to enhance his Minecraft adventures.