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Outstanding Performance by Silicon Labs’ Isolation in University Study

Rudye McGlothlin from our Power Products group discusses a recent academic study on isolation performance, particularly the application of isolation technology to variable frequency drive (VFD) systems. 


Students at Norwegian University of Science and Technology Race Toward Engineering Excellence

Read about how engineering students are working toward desiging, building, and racing a small-scale Formul One racecar over the course of just one year. 


Speed Does Not Kill: Power Supplies with Fast Switching Frequency Get Safer

Power supply designers have one overriding objective—maximizing power per volume (W/mm3). The key to achieving this objective is maximizing power supply efficiency.

Speed Does Not Kill Blog Image.jpg

IoT Hero Nanoleaf Breaks Down Barriers Between Doing Good, Looking Good, and Feeling Good

Nanoleaf, a Smart Lighting company, delivers never-before-seen lighting applications with a passion for cutting-edge design and sustainability. See how his company uses ZigBee SoCs8-bit MCUs, and the Bluetooth Blue Gecko SoC.


IoT Hero Anrim Technologies: Taking a Different Road with Connected Cars & More

blog-anrim.jpgSee how IoT Hero Jason Harris is uncovering previously inaccessible opportunities in the connected car market.

Helping Home Appliance Developers Comply with International Safety Certification

we've released a new software library for EFM8 MCUs, making compliance with the IEC-60730 safety standard easier. Appliances_Highlight.jpg

Elite Athletes and Wearables: Turning Data into Results

SXSW is in full swing in Austin this week, and ESPN NBA analyst Tom Haberstroh hosted a panel discussing the use of wearables in big-time athletics.Wearables Highlight.jpg

Helping Sengled Develop a Better Lightbulb

If you were at CES this year you may have caught a glimpse of the new Element connected lightbulb from Sengled. Check out how we’re helping them to connect easily to multi-node mesh networks deployed in smart homes.Sengled Highlight.jpg

Connected Lighting Q&A

Alex Koepsel, one of our product marketing engineers, sat down recently to address some of the pressing questions facing the connected lighting market, including some of the design challenges facing developers. Connected Lighting_Teaser.jpg 

Reduce Cost and Board Footprint in Your Next 8-bit Embedded Design

Brian Lampkin, MCU applications engineer, takes us through how to reduce bill of materials (BOM) cost and footprint area for MCU-based embedded designs. Circuit_Highlight copy.jpg

The IoT and the Thrill of Victory

Athletes from around the world will compete this month in the most prestigious competition on earth. We can’t tell you much about the event itself because of fierce trademark enforcement, but that won’t stop us from talking about how the Internet of Things is improving performance and creating a better experience for spectators and viewers.

IoT Sports Highlight.jpg

Kicking the Tires on Thunderboard React with Techmor and Joe Gibbs Racing

Today we announced the Thunderboard React developer kit, which removes some of the complexity that comes with IoT design. And last week we had the opportunity to visit with our customer, Techmor Inc., for an up-close look at how real-time sensing is being used in high-performance designs. Thunderboard React Carkit Highlight.jpg

Sub-GHz Wireless Design Choices for Smart Metering

Smart meters are becoming more and more sophisticated, and integration of connectivity has been a game-changer when it comes to the focus on energy concervation. The number of expected smart meter deployments over the next few years is staggering, and with WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and sub-GHz technolgoies available, which one do you choose?

Smart Meter.jpg

IoT Hero Fitcare Leads Chinese Fitness Market with High-Precision “Heart Rate Watch”

Fitcare_Yin Shaoxiang.pngLearn how this IoT Hero is taking wearable development to the next in China level using our MCUs, heartrate monitor, and UV sensors.  

Build an Arduino-Controlled AM/FM/SW Radio

Check out this project that uses our Si4844-A10 analog-tuned radio receiver and an Arduino to make a full-featured multiband radio.Radio on Breadboard.jpg