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Integrating Speed and Flexibility Into Your Industrial Designs

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In the world of industrial design, there are a few critical parametersthat cannot be compromised. First and foremost is safety; thegoal is to achieve high levels of intrinsic safety without sacrificing system performance. Second, industrial environmentsare inherently noisy. Products introduced to thesetypes of industrialsettingsshould be highly immune to external noise fields andhigh voltage noise transients.


Most industrial systems are large infrastructure-type projects, which usually translates tohigh cost. The large investment means theyneed to be long-lasting to justify the expense. This financial commitment makes it necessary fortheproducts to be resilientanddurableunder high stress conditions.


Finally, these systemstend to be high performance –whether that’smeasured in terms of throughput or efficiency. Therefore, the products should have excellent performance characteristics,such as low propagation delays and low skews, and a high level of part-to-part compatibilityto ensurethat theproductperformanceis stable and repeatable.


Using isolation products when designing industrial systems can provide all of these benefits,in particularthe safety and noise immunity characteristics, whichare the most desiredin this sector





The Importance of Isolation