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Adding Smart Wireless Connectivity to an LED Light bulb


In this whitepaper we’ll take a look at some of the automated and smart lighting solutions entering the consumer market and how bringing the latest low-power MCUs, wireless technologies, and mesh networking standards to your connected home applications can speed up development. We’ll also look at what’s required to add smart connectivity to an LED bulb.


What Hasn’t Smart Lighting Crossed the Chasm?

In a previous whitepaper, “Flipping the Switch on Smart Connected Lighting,” we took a look at possibly the most familiar electronics devices – the light bulb. From the days of incandescent bulbs to fluorescents to LEDs, the latter might be one of the most significant advancements the common light bulb has undergone in 140 years of existence. More specifically, smart LEDs are opening up uses for light bulbs that Edison never dreamed of.


But connected lighting has been around for a long time, so why hasn’t it taken off the way other consumer-oriented technology has during the Internet age?


Download and read the complete white paper here.

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Re: Adding Smart Wireless Connectivity to an LED Light bulb

Great article!