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Welcome to the Silicon Labs Community

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We’re very glad that you’re here, and we very much hope that you will take part in this community.


You may notice a few changes if you’ve previously visited either the Lizard Lounge or the Silicon Labs Support Forum.  We consolidated these two forum communities on to this single, more capable, Silicon Labs Community platform.  We’re very excited about this new upgrade and we hope you will be as well.


The new community platform unlocks significant benefits.  The biggest upgrade being a much more advanced search capability.  This allows you to rapidly search prior postings quickly and efficiently to get your answers even faster.  If the topic is new, then you can seamlessly post your question to the community, but only if you’re logged in.


Silicon Labs Community now supports rankings for posts where your vote really counts … but must be logged in to your vote.  We’ve also rolled out a ranking system for community members.  So now you can see which members provide the most useful and effective posts.  If you take part in the community by helping others or asking questions, you’ll be moving up these rankings yourself in no time.  We’ll be extending some moderation rights to those members with the highest participation levels.  So we really urge you to actively participate, and make this community everything it can be.


For those that have previously registered on either of our forums, please read on for important information about your account.


Upgraded Community Forum Platform
We have recently made significant updates to the forums:


  • Updated software
  • New topic layout driven largely by the forum platform itself
  • The previous forum content has been ported to the new platform
  • Nearly all existing accounts have been ported into Silicon Labs Community
  • For those with overlapping user names, we apologize but you may need to re-register
  • While we did not previously support member rankings, your past posting history has been ported over so that you can start at the correct rank on this new platform
  • We have new inappropriate content reporting options allowing you to help keep the site a pleasant place to engage

This new platform provides faster response times and should be easier to use, but we welcome your comments if you find it otherwise. Even more importantly, we have added more engineers dedicated to monitoring posts to help you get the answers you need more quickly.

New Login
If you were a prior forum member and have posted or replied to a topic, your login credentials (and all historical statistics) should still be valid in most cases, but you lwill need to reset your password. If you registered previously, but did not post or reply to a topic, unfortunately, you will need to re-register. We apologize for this inconvenience. 


For those that did post, but whose logins no longer seem to work, please re-register.  If you will send us a note, we can look at manually transferring your posting history to the new account.  Please bear with us on completion time given the manual aspects of this process. 

Note that registration to Silicon Labs Community is currently separate from the registration to the main Silicon Labs website (which enables access to assisted technical support, documentation update notifications, restricted content, etc.).

Quick reminder on Community Guidelines
We believe our products naturally attract the highest caliber of talent and character found in the development landscape. Please exercise courtesy, compassion, respect, and patience in your interactions with other community members and Silicon Labs staff. Also recognize that although English is the primary language found in this forum, it is not the first language of every member.  You can read the Community Guidelines here, or the more detailed TERMS OF USE here.

If you are a new Silicon Labs Community member and have a question about a hardware or software product, we encourage you to use the forum's Search capability to see if others have already asked your question and received an answer. This may save you some time.

On behalf of the Silicon Labs Lounge staff, we look forward to renewing our community friendships and cultivating new ones.

Best Regards,
Silicon Labs Community Team