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Mark a reply as an accepted solution

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Moderators or users who post the first message in a forum thread can mark one of the replies as an accepted solution. Once you mark the answer as a solution, the accepted solution icon appears next to the title of the thread. Users can click the “Go to Solution” link to easily find the solution in a long thread and the solution will also be elevated in community search results.


Marking a reply as an accepted solution helps our community identify content that solves users’ problems and makes interesting material more prominent and easy to access.


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Users whose answers are marked as accepted solutions will earn 5 points per solution and will have a better chance to achieve a higher rank. (View our community ranking system)




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Please note that the number of accepted solutions can be revoked when a user tried to manipulate the system. Moderators and administrators also may take further action - issue a warning, ban user account(s) and/or IP addresses, lower post count, delete/edit post(s)/thread(s), etc. (ref. TERMS OF USE


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