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Help Topic: Subscribing to Content and Boards

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Did you know that you can subscribe to boards and specific posts of interest to you?  It’s an easy way to make sure that new content is immediately available to you on the community home page.  It will be located in the My Subscriptions area located at the bottom of the main community home page.  Your subscriptions can also be seen at the bottom of the key category page if you have any subscriptions set within that category.  The view on the community page is global, while the view on any given category page is narrowed to that category area alone.


To subscribe to a board or post, just look for the options pull-down arrow located in the upper left of the board or post.  Select the “subscribe” option and you are all set.  To see your personalized content, look at the bottom of the main community home page.


To unsubscribe, use the same pull-down to select “unsubscribe”.