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Community Ranking System and Recognition Program

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Thanks for casting your vote for the new community titles. The final titles are determined based on your feedback to make them clear and easier for new members to understand the structure. The new ranking system includes 10 different ranks, starting from “Newbie” - the lowest rank to “Legend” – the highest rank, based on your participation points. If you’re an existing community member, your rank title and rewards (including permissions) will be changed based on your existing points.


The same ranking title structure and following permissions (not giveaways) apply to Silicon Labs’ employees but an “Employee” text will be added to their rank titles i.e.) Newbie Employee, Rookie Employee etc.




legend-v.png Legend

Icon + SL giveaways* + permission III. + invitations to new product samples*

master-v.png Master

Icon + SL giveaways* + permission II. + invitations to new product samples*

hero-v.png Hero

Icon + SL giveaways* + permission II.

ninja-v.png Ninja

Icon + SL giveaways* + permission I.

genius-v.png Genius

Icon + permission I.

superstar-v.png Superstar

Icon + permission I.

ninja-v3.png Star

Default + Icon






*Users can accept/refuse the offers. 


Permission I. = Default + Create a community profile card on My Settings page + Use a signature

Permission II. = Permission I. + Edit own posts (3h time limit) + Create knowledge base articles + Export profile card on My Settings page

Permission III. = Permission II. + Change own user name


How to earn points

Your participation is critical to earn points and we especially appreciate that you help other users with valuable solutions and replies. Therefore the point system is designed to recognize "Accept as Solution"s and "Kudo"s and we encourage users to use these features whenever you find a useful solution or feedback from other users. 




Accepted Solutions


Kudos Received




Kudos given



Please note that the number of accepted solutions, kudos and posts can be revoked when a user tries to manipulate the system. Moderators and administrators also may take further action - issue a warning, ban user account(s) and/or IP addresses, lower post count, delete/edit post(s)/thread(s), etc. (ref. TERMS OF USE


If you find any posts/users attempting to manipulate the system, please notify your administrator or moderator via private message.


We may update the ranking system and recognition program based on your feedback and experience and will inform any update on this page in the future. If you have any issue or suggestions regarding the ranking system, please leave your feedback on the suggestion board.


Version 23032015

Nari | Community Manager | Silicon Labs