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Beta testing New Search for





Our web team is in the process of updating our search algorithm to improve our searchability on We would like to invite you to provide us with your feedback on the search of content and information. Your valuable feedback will be used to auto-tune our search results.


To provide your feedback please:


  1. Go to the beta test page at
  2. Search for keywords that you believe are important.
  3. Let us know if any important content is missing from the first page or content that should not appear on the first page is being displayed etc. by leaving comments below.

(Any page URL or screenshot images would be helpful)


Thanks for your time in advance.

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Re: Beta testing New Search for

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I have no idea how you manage to this, but there is, in the current search waaay too much weight on the subject and waaaay too little weight on "where to use"  e.g. the first entry on a search on efm8bb is "

C8051F850 I2C Example


very much related to efm8bb


also the ability to specify WHAT would be helpful e.g. a window for the search showing datasheet/reference manual




I think more could be in the above list, but am going blank right now.


one absolute fact re the current state of affairs: if you need a datasheet forget about searching SILabs, search at DigiKey


also while the division 

Analog Intensive

General Purpose

Ultra-Low Power



may make sense to some it is basically wrong for most designs, the best choice chip could be in any of the groups.