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Announcing Silicon Labs Lounge Planned Forum Update

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Dear Forum Members,

I would first like to thank you for your strong support of the Silicon Labs Forum over the years. We have been excited to see the activity and energy that you, as a group, have contributed toward the Silicon Labs forum.

As you may have noticed, the Silicon Labs Forum lacks some modern forum tools that have become commonplace. This is largely a limitation of the underlying forum tool itself. Additionally, Silicon Labs recently acquired Energy Micro which maintains a forum area separate from the Silicon Labs Forum. As we more tightly integrate Silicon Labs and Energy Micro products onto a common tools platform, we are also taking the opportunity to combine these separate forums onto a new more capable forum platform.

This new forum platform will be called Silicon Labs Lounge. We’re very excited about this new upgrade, and we hope you will be, as well.

The new Silicon Labs Lounge community platform unlocks significant benefits, including advanced search capability. You can now search postings quickly and efficiently to get your answers even faster. If the topic is new, then you can seamlessly post your question to the community.

The new Silicon Labs Lounge should go live during February 2014. The internal team is targeting early February, but we will not be able to commit to a firm date until we get closer to the launch. We will keep everyone updated as we get closer.

We recognize that a forum platform change can be disruptive to the members, and we are working diligently to make this a very positive experience. So let me outline a few Silicon Labs Lounge basics …

• The previous forum content has been ported to the new platform
• Nearly all existing accounts will be ported into Silicon Labs Lounge
• If your login is successfully moved over to the new site, your history will travel with it. You should not lose standing within the community
• A few user names were modified to remove special characters that the new forum platform cannot support
• For those with overlapping user names, we apologize, but you may need to re-register

You may also be interested in the new Silicon Labs Lounge features:

• New forum platform powered by Lithium
• Much faster response times on the hosting server for posting
• Much improved post formatting and community interface
• Integrated Knowledge Base
• Improved community search
• Chroma coding for posted code
• Up-voting of posts or people (in the forum of Kudos)
• Designating an Accepted Answer for a question
• Fewer forum categories, consolidating discussions to one place

We will be providing updates as we get closer to the launch date. Let us know what you think. We are very excited about the new Silicon Labs Lounge forum platform, and we want to make this an exceptional tool to serve your needs.

Please feel free to add comments to this posting.

Silicon Labs Community Administrator