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ZigBee Home Automation - Light and Switch developer tutorial - overview and requirements

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This is the overview part of a 12 part video series covering ZigBee Home Automation.


Scroll down to see the requirements, resources, downloads and complete index for this tutorial.


Watch part 1: Launch Ember Desktop and Add Stack here.


ZigBee application developers that have set up their EM35x Development Kits are ready to begin a basic exercise in creating a pair of ZigBee applications from a blank AppBuilder project and writing their own code. This tutorial walks users through a set of pre-written instructions (based on EmberZNet 5.4.0) to create an HA On/Off Switch and On/Off Light that can talk to each other via a command line interface (CLI). Then custom C code is written using the Application Framework API Guide and EmberZNet API Guide as references, extending the generated applications to allow a button press on the Switch node to remotely toggle an LED on the Light node.


Resulting ISC, C, and firmware files from the completion of the exercise are provided for reference.



  • Knowledge: Beginner to Intermediate. ZigBee/ZCL concepts, C code.
  • Hardware: EM35x Development Kit
  • Software:
    • Ember Desktop 3.2 or later
    • EmberZNet 5.4.0 or later
    • IAR Embedded Workbench 7.30.1
    • ISA3 Utilities 4.3.3 or later


Resources. You should download these for this tutorial.


Tutorial Index