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ZigBee Case Study in Large Node Network

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Silicon Labs shows a large scale ZigBee Network in action at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more at




ZigBee is the standard for wireless mesh networking technology enabling highly reliable low power low power connectivity for home, commercial, industrial applications. 




At Aria hotel, the temperature, lighting, curtains, door lock and even the menu bar are controlled using ZigBee enabled devices. Using a ZigBee remote or on-screen display, or a ZigBee touch screen display, you can set the right room temperature, you can turn each light on and off, you can open and close the curtains, even control the privacy settings on a door and control the entertainment system.  




Our complete solution of ZigBee silicon, software, and tools is provided to customers in an easy to work with framework. That makes adding ZigBee wireless connectivity to customers in the applications simple and straightforward. 


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