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Si54x Ultra Series™ High Performance Oscillators Are Now Available!

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World’s Lowest Jitter, Any Frequency XO


Silicon Labs' Ultra Series high performance oscillators utilize our latest 4th generation DSPLL technology to provide an ultra low jitter, low phase noise clock at any output frequency.


This family includes oscillators with industry-leading phase jitter of only 80fs and are available with single, dual, and quad output frequency options.


These devices are factory-programmed to any frequency from 0.2 to 1500 MHz with <1 ppb resolution and maintain exceptionally low jitter for both integer and fractional frequencies across their operating range.


On-chip power supply filtering provides excellent power supply noise rejection, simplifying the task of generating low jitter clocks in noisy systems that use switching power supplies.


This family of ultra low jitter oscillators are available in a small, industry-standard 3.2×5 mm footprint and are factory-programmed at time of shipment, eliminating the long lead times typically associated with custom oscillators.




  • Industry-leading jitter performance: 80 fs RMS Typ
  • Wide frequency range: 200 kHz to 1.5 GHz
  • <1 ppb frequency resolution
  • Single, Dual, Quad frequency configurations available
  • Excellent supply noise immunity: -80dBc Typ
  • Small 3.2x5mm footprint
  • 3.3, 2.5, 1.8V supply operation from the same part number
  • Supports all popular formats: LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, CML, CMOS and Dual CMOS
  • Samples available with 1-2 week lead times

Ultra Series™ Crystal Oscillators (XOs)

Reducing Development Risk in Communications Applications with High-Performance Oscillators


Si540, Si541, Si542 - 125fs RMS Typical Jitter

Si545, Si546, Si547 - 80fs RMS Typical Jitter


Si5xx Universal Oscillator Evaluation Board:


The Si5xxUC-EVB lets customers evaluate any Silicon Labs XO or VCXO with one board. This board can test I2C devices as well as Single, Dual, Quad fixed frequency parts. It also has three different footprints to enable testing of all three package sizes that are available with our portfolio (5x7mm, 3.2x5mm, and 2.5x3.2mm).


The Si5xxUC-EVB does not come with a pre-installed sample device. You can specify a custom crystal oscillator and create a new part number, or look up an existing product by part number, and order samples starting at the Custom Oscillator Part Number Utility.



Si5xxUC-EVB User's Guide