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Si5341 R Divider Reset Repeatability

I am planning on using the Si5341 in an application that depends on a repeatable alignment process so I would like to better understand the reset behavior.  The datasheet states the following on page 36:  "A soft reset will align the outputs to within ±100 ps of the expected value based upon the Nx_DELAY parameter."  Can you please explain exactly what this means?  For example, what is the source of the uncertainty and is it repeatable from reset to reset?  Is the behavior different depending on whether the outputs come from the same or different multi-synths or whether they are harmonically related?  Any clarifications you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Si5341 R Divider Reset Repeatability


The +/-100 ps uncertainty depends on state of the input to the multisynth block when the RESET completes. This can vary and that is the source of uncertainty. This delay is "between" multisynth blocks. If you synthesize all the delay-critical outputs from a single multi-synth block, then this uncertainty does not apply because all output clocks from Nx inherit the same Nx_DELAY and therefore between them , they are very tightly aligned.