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Si5332 FAQ

Product FAQs: 


1. Where can find datasheet, FRM, application notes and Users guides for Si5532 ? 




App Notes:



The data sheet link will be:

CEVB user guides:



Family reference manual


Si5332 product page:




2. Where can I find quality and reliability documents for Si5332 ? 

Ans: Please e-mail pour quality team at 


3. I still have product questions. Who do I contact? 

Please post your question here:


CBPro and EVB FAQs: 


1. Why can't CBPro implement CLKIN_SEL pins on the EVB ? 



A. CLKIN_SEL pins are asserted on power up for a Si5332 custom part with pre-programmed NVM based frequency plan. Based on the power on state, an input clock is selected. 

B. On Si5332 EVBs, the Si5332 does not have any NVM based plan. Hence, the part will not recogonize CLKIN_SEL pins. 

C. Users will be able to instead select the input clock source using the GUI. 

d. all other pins like OE, FS, SSC pins affect the Si5332 at any time from power up and hence CBPro will be able to emulate those pins on the EVB. 


2. What are the different output disable options in the Si5332?

Ans: The output disale state can be low, high or Hi-Z. CBpro offers low and high as options in the output disable state GUI. The Hi-Z disable state is a special disable state which is possible only when the driver is powered down. Hence, an "unused" output in CBPro or writing OUTx_MODE = 0 as a single register write implement the Hi-Z disable state. 


3. What is the maximum output clock delay programmable in Si5332? 

The maximum delay programmable is 7*35 ps = 245 ps. 


Crystal related Si5332 questions:


1. What is the difference between external crystal and encapsulated crystal versions of Si5332?

Ans: The encapsulated crystal version of Si5332 is about 15% lower jitter than the external crystal version of Si5332. Given this higher performance, the Si5332 with encapsulated version can be used in 25G/100G systems while the external crystal Si5332 version suit the 10G/40G systems. 


2. Are encapsulated crystal and external crystal Si5332 ICs pin compatible ? 

Ans: Yes. 


3. Can a board with an external crystal Si5332 IC be upgraded with an encapsulated crystal Si5332? 

Ans: Yes. Please refer to the attached crystal placement recommendation file. 


4. What is the crystal frequency in an encapsulated crystal Si5332? 

Ans: 50 MHz.