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Si5328 with Xtal 114.285 MHz


I am working with a Xilinx reference board Kcu105. In the schematic of the board we can see the Si5328 as a jitter cleaner and a 114.285 MHz as an Xtal XA/XB reference clock.

Or when using the DSPLLsim to generate the Si5328 registers, the GUI does not suggest to us to use the 114.285 MHz Xtal, the only suggestion is to choose the 37...41 MHz frequency rate/range.


In a general manner, can we use the Si5328 with 3rd tone xtal like the 114.285 MHz or not?

In the data sheet of the Si5328 they don't mention the Xtal but rather talk about TCXO or refclock.


I am asking this question because after using the Si5328 for few days it has stopped working (output clock is 0) and when reading the registers via I2C, I have noticed that in the register 129 the LOSX_INT is 1. So I am wondering if the problem comes from the Xtal or from the Si5328.