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SI5344-D-EB Exported Register File issue

Hi All,


I am trying to program SI5344 in-system on my custom board using "Si5344-RevD-Emogal-CH1_10M-Registers.h" Which is exported C header file from project "Si5344-RevD-Emogal-CH1_10M.slabtimeproj" (inside the zip file, why the system forbid me to attach the project file?)


Somehow it doesn't work. Thus i roll back to my SI5344-D-EB (evaluation board) to test out the register setting.


Here is what i found out.


By using the EVB GUI and choosing "Write Project File to device.." my evaluation board are able to generate the 10MHz output. However, if i choose to program the evaluation board using "Write Register File to device..." the evaluation board will refuse to generate the intended 10 MHz. The Register File used is "Si5344-RevD-Emogal-CH1_10M-Registers.txt" which I exported from the same project file.


Am I missing anything? Since i am expecting that programming the EB using either option will result in the same outcome.


Here is some finding when I am investigating the inconsistency. 


Using the "Register.txt"

1. SYSINCAL_FLG is always set

2. No output from EB


Using the "Project file"

1. SYSINCAL_FLG is cleared

2. 10MHz output is present

3. Additional register address is been written (missing description in Reference Manual) eg. Address 0x001B


Anyone that have the evaluation board can help test out my situation? 


I have attached my project file for reference. My ClockBuilder Pro version is 2.16.1.




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Re: SI5344-D-EB Exported Register File issue

The issue closed with Salesforce case # 00148384.