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SI53308-B-GM - Input and out clock compatiablity



Will SI53308 Dual clock buffer generate mixed clock outputs like -

25MHz LVCMOS input -CLKIN1

1 x 25MHz LVDS Output

4 x 25MHz LVCMOS outputs


24MHz LVCMOS input - CLKIN2

6 x 24MHz LVCMOS outputs


or the type of input clock decides the type of output clocks.

for example - if input clock is LVCMOS then output clock will also supports only LVCMOS format?


Please reply .


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Tarang Jindal

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Re: SI53308-B-GM - Input and out clock compatiablity

Hi Tarang,

Thanks for your question.  The Si53308 is comprised of two output banks or 3 diff'l or 6 SE CMOS outputs each.  Each bank can be pin configured for any output format (e.g. CMOS, LVDS, LVPECL, etc.) however, you cannot mix different output formats within a given Bank.  

So, in your example, if CLKIN1 = 25MHz LVCMOS, then BankA can have up to 3, 25MHz (or 12.5MHz, or 6.25MHz) LVDS outputs or up to 6 LVCMOS outputs;  CLKIN2 = 24MHz LVCMOS, then BankB can have up to 6, 24MHz (or 12MHz, or 6MHz) LVCMOS outputs (or 3, LVDS outputs).


Hope this helps!