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Field Programmer will not read NVM files produced by the ClockBuilder Desktop Software


I've downloaded ClockBuilder Desktop Software (Si5338/35/34/56) V6.4 and I have Field Programmer EVB board.  I want to prove that I can program the NVM in a Si5338 and so far I can't do anything because of what appears to be software problem.


I can generate an NVM file (see attached).  When I try to load it into the Field Programmer I get the following error.


Cannot open and parse the file. Check the file location and contents. Then try again.


---> Show details

Input string was not in a correct format.

at System.Version.VersionResult.SetFailure(ParseFailureKind failure, String argument)
at System.Version.TryParseComponent(String component, String componentName, VersionResult& result, Int32& parsedComponent)
at System.Version.TryParseVersion(String version, VersionResult& result)
at System.Version.Parse(String input)
at System.Version..ctor(String version)
at FieldProgrammer.frmMain2.btnOpenFile_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)


The software version in the file is as follows


#Software version = 6.4 - October 8, 2014


If you remove everything but 


#Software version = 6.4


It proceeds further then slaps your hand and says "effectively" you have modified the file and then errors out.


I tried the tools v6.2 that came on CD (had to dig up something to read that) and the tool doesn't like the version of the NVM and errors out.


Would Silicon labs please investigate this matter?  Right now this EVB Field Programmer is rather worthless.


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Re: Field Programmer will not read NVM files produced by the ClockBuilder Desktop Software

This was a piloting error on my part.  I wasn't generating the proper file.

I should have saved the file for the field EVB programmer as follows.


Menu -> Options -> Save Registers for Factor Programmings


This file will be correctly read int the EVB field programmer.


Thank you, tech support.