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ClockBuilder Pro v2.10 Driver not loading on Windows 7

Hi, We have installed ClockBuilder Pro v2.10 on several different versions of Windows successfully but on some machines we get an issue where the driver signature is not recognised by Windows and is not allowed to be loaded. This results in the dongle not being seen by the software. On machines that do successfully load the driver I can see that the driver is signed by Silicon Laboratories Inc. on some machines and appears to be 'Not Digitally Signed' on other machines. We can workaround the issue by booting the PC with 'Advanced Boot Options' (F8 at boot) and using the option to 'Disable Driver Signature Enforcement' - this is temporary and the same issue occurs at a standard reboot. I have seen other methods to permanently ignore driver signing but feel this should not be necessary. Some screenshots attached. Any ideas? Thanks Graeme.
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Re: ClockBuilder Pro v2.10 Driver not loading on Windows 7

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Re: ClockBuilder Pro v2.10 Driver not loading on Windows 7


The issue may be that an older version of CBPro was previously installed on the problem PCs. CBPro 2.4 and earlier did not digitally sign the driver. But when installing newer CBPro, the older driver does not get removed because it is essentially the same version.


Please try the following manual driver removal and re-install procedure:


  • Launch Device Manager
  • Find "USB API" (this is how the EVB appears without the driver properly installed) or "Silicon Labs Si538x/4x EVB" (driver was installed properly)
  • Select uninstall
  • Click the Delete the driver software checkbox if it is available
  • Click OK
  • Reboot
  • Re-install CBPro to re-install the driver
  • CBPro should detect the EVB after the install is done; if not, try one reboot



Please let us know if this resolves your problem.