SiM3C1xx Clocking Options

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What are the possible clock sources for SiM3C1xx devices?



SiM3C1xx devices have six options for the AHB clock:

RTC0 Oscillator: 32 kHz
Low Frequency Oscillator (LFOSC0): 16.4 kHz
Low Power Oscillator (LPOSC0): 20 MHz
Divided Low Power Oscillator: 2.5 MHz
External Oscillator: varies
PLL0 Oscillator: 23 - 80 MHz

More information on each of these clock sources can be found in AN663: Precision32 MCU Family Clocking Options, the SiM3C1xx data sheet, and the SiM3U1xx/SiM3C1xx reference manual.  The 32-bit MCU application notes and device documentation can be found here: