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RK-SYSTEM company exists on the Polish market since 1994. Our company is involved of production and distribution development tools for Electronics. RK-SYSTEM is manufacturer of universal programmers, systems for balancing rotors and vibration measurement.



Product: Uprog portable Gang 4x / USB


The newest series of universal and extreme fast device programmers. Thanks to USB 2.0 interface and specjalized microprocessor we achived short programming times close to vendor's maximum ratings. Its one of fastest IC programmers on world's market. The programmer consists of four independent programming modules, each of them provides 48 fully universal pin-drivers - it provides a possibility of use defferent package adapters within one programmer. Wide range of supply and programming voltages ensures that future low-voltage devices will be supported. Full independence of programming modules additionaly increases efficiency of programmer - each module starts independently on the status of other programming modules (concurent, asynchronous programming). Each module provides in-circuit programming connector. New software for Windows 2000 and newer systems was designed to intuitive operation. It supports many programmers simultaneously, so several programmers may be connected to the PC in order to increase efficiency of whole system.


Uprog portable Gang 4x.png




  • Two operation modes: stand-alone and standard PC-hosted.
  • Four independent programming modules in one case.
  • USB interface - USB 2.0 (HighSpeed and FullSpeed) and USB 1.1 compatible
  • LCD display and keyboard
  • Specialized FPGA based microprocessor (20 ns cycle).
  • One of fastest programmers on the world's market, programming times close to vendor's maximum ratings.
  • Four in-circuit programming connectors (ICP).
  • 4x48-pins universal independent pindrivers which can provide VPP: 0-30V, VCC: 0.8 - 8V, CLK: ~360Hz-24MHz, GND
  • No adapter required for any DIL devices.
  • Compact Flash card as data depository.
  • Devices supported: EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, SPLD, CPLD, microcontrollers.
  • Adapter Creator feature allows to use many adapters from different providers.
  • Pin contact check feature
  • Test of digital ICs
  • 8-bit EPROM/Flash simulator (option)
  • 16-bit EPROM/Flash simulator (option)
  • SPI memory simulator (option)
  • Ulogic - Uprog based logic analyzer with pattern generator feature (option)
  • Multi color status LEDs: power, busy, error, good.
  • Banana jack on the case for grounding purpose and ESD protection.
  • Software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 (Win 32-bits and 64-bits) supports many independent programmers simultaneously.


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