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Si5338/35/34/56 ClockBuilder Desktop Software

Si5338 clockbuilder desktop software.png

  • Supported Devices: Si5338, Si5334, Si5335, Si5356
  • Any frequency on any output: 1 kHz to 800 MHz
  • Any format on any output: LVPECL, CML, LVDS, HCSL, LVCMOS, HSTL, SSTL





Si5351 ClockBuilder Desktop Software

Si5351 ClockBuilder Desktop Software.png

  • Supported Devices: Si5351
  • 50 ohm output impedance
  • Generates any frequency on any output, 8 kHz to 160 MHz





DSPLLsim (Precision Clock EVB Software)

DSPLLsim Si5326.png

  •  Supported Devices: Si531x, Si532x, Si536x
  • Generates any combination of frequencies to greatly simplify clock trees
  • Meets 10/40/100G PHY jitter specifications with >50% margin



Si537x DSPLLsim (Si537x Precision Clock EVB Software)

Si537x DSPLLsim.png

  • Si5374 Data Sheet
  • Si53xx Family Reference Manual
  • Si537x EVB User's Guide






Si501-2-3-4-EVB Software

Si501-2-3-4 EVB SW.png

  • Si501/ Si502/ Si503/ Si504
  • 32 kHz to 100 MHz frequency rate
  • LVCMOS output





Programmable Oscillator

programmable oscillator.png

  • Si514, Si570, Si571, Si598, Si599
  • 100 kHz to 1.4 GHz frequency rate
  • 0.3 ps RMS





UVIrSlider2EK Demo

UVIrSlider2EK Demo.png

  • Ultra-sensitive photodiodes with up to 3 independent LED drivers enable multiple functions
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Low-power sensors, signal processor, and ADC enable long battery life





Wireless Development Suite

Wireless Development Suite

  • TX/ RX/ TRX test cards
  • Device config, save, and restore
  • Custom scripting API
  • Online device documentation











Si114x programmers Toolkit

Si114x programmers toolkits.png

  • Heart rate and blood oximetry measurements
  • Over 50 cm proximity detection
  • Advanced 2D and 3D gesture detection




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