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energyAware Commander 2.83



Here's a new beta release of energyAware Commander.


Zero Gecko unlock also requires a new kit firmware, to be released in beta soon.


Changes since 2.82:

* Added support for Zero Gecko unlock.
* Added support for Linux x86_64.
* Fixed issue with connection failed when starting from command line repeatedly.
* Fixed firmware upgrade on Mac OS X and Linux x86_64.





Linux (i386)

Linux (x86_64)

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Re: energyAware Commander 2.83

A firmware package which supports unlocking ZG devices is now available here:

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Re: energyAware Commander 2.83

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Nevermind this post (it was just './eACommander --help' of course...)


Hi. Where can I find documentation for the command line options of (this version of) eACommander? (I'm trying to flash to one of several connected kits using the command line)


Thanks Robot Happy


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Re: energyAware Commander 2.83

Pssst, link is broken Robot Sad