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correct C51 code gives errors

void blah(void) interrupt 0 using 1

For the standard syntax the Editor gives a syntax error, but it is compiled with no warnings and errors, and it works. This is likely a bug in the Editor.

I have complained about this for years.  The nonexisting bugs reported are due to some "filtering by SILabs" I wish SILabs would just take that 'filter' out so correct code would process without errors.  I know that SILabs, for historical reasons, have to support both SDCC and Keil, but there should not be errors reported by correct code.


I. as one of many, would not give a hoot if my code would compile under SDCC and doubt that any SDCC user would complain if code written for SDCC did not compile under Keil


I understand SILabs using the macros in their sample code to satisfy users of both, but they should not complain about native code be it SDCC or Keil.


I appreciate that you the developers do not have this problem since all you work with is sample code, but every darn port of code made before SS give these #$%^& errors.



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Re: correct C51 code gives errors

I agree -- this has been a problem forever, and needs to be fixed.