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Where can I download Bluetooth SDK version 2.2

Dear All,

  Just read an1054 and find that BLE SDK need more than 128KB flash except SDK 2.2. But where can I download it? I can only find 2.4, 2.3 & 2.1 in Simplicity Studio

Sin Shukei

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Re: Where can I download Bluetooth SDK version 2.2

Hi @Sin_Shukei,


Access to the BLE Lite stack (2.2) is limited and so a support case requesting access needs to be created through your Silicon Labs account.  From the Community Forum pages, click the "" link at the top right of the screen and then either Sign In or highlight your name and choose "Account".  Then on the "Cases" tab choose "Create New Case".  Since this question wasn't answered on the forum for 24 hours a support case was automatically created for you and I have moved that case to the Wireless Bluetooth support queue as they our the group that reviews the case and grants access.  So you will just need to respond to any questions you receive on that support case.


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