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Unable to connect to custom board from WSTK



We are getting started with a project targeting an EFR32MG custom board. The problem we have is that we cannot connect to the target device on our custom board using the WSTK (BRD4001A Rev A01).


Our custom board's pinout is a 10-pin ARM cortex (as defined in AN958 4.1.2).


We set debug mode to OUT and try to connect to the device (which is powered to 3.3V) but we always get "Could not connect to target device" with commander. We have tried with both JTAG and SWD.


We connect the WSTK to our custom board with a 10-pin ribbon conector using the 10 first "debug connector" pins in the WSTK.


Any idea? Do we have to use Simplicity Debug Adapter Board? Could we use a Segger JLink programmer?


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Re: Unable to connect to custom board from WSTK

Hi @Julen23,


I see from the SS4.jpg picture that the WSTK has adapter version 1v2p0b853.  That version has a known issue where an external board is not programmed properly.  This will be fixed in the next WSTK adapter firmware release, but in the meantime please click the "Change" button next to the firmware version and select either version 1v1pb830 or 1v0p3b689 and that should resolve the issue.


Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


Thank you,