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Trojan-DropperGB.17644 found in .jar file

I've just had the following AV alert!


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Re: Trojan-DropperGB.17644 found in .jar file

Hi @digisolve,


Was the virus detected during a Simplicity Studio update or when did it occur?  I have seen false positive malware detection reported on the .exe files in adapter packs, but this is different than that.  I will also respond to the support case that was created for this issue.  If possible please use one of the online scanner tools available from different anti-virus companies to confirm it the files are really infected or not.  This is the first report I'm seeing of this type of infection, so I do thing it is an isolated event.  The screenshot you uploaded shows two versions of the same file being infected.  I have scanned several recent installations of that file and I haven't found any that were infected.


Thank you,