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Simplicity Studio v3.3 SDK HowTo use it ?

Hi, This it what I want to do : 

  1. Create an empty project for my CPU (EFM8BB31F16)
    • (File/New/Silicons Labs MCU project)
  2. Tell simplicity studio to use the SDK :
    • Set Kit to none,
    • Part to EFM8BB31F16G
    • SDK : Si8051 SDK (V3.0.0) default location path C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v3\developer\sdks\si8051\v3
  3. Uses Simplicity Configurator Program 


When I want to add code fomr the SDK, i need to :

  1. Add the desired C file into my project
    • (i'm linking it : Right dlick on the src folder, select import / general / File System 
    • Click on the Advanced >> to expand and select the Create links in workspace
  2. Add the correct path (source and includes) to the project because the default path for the SDK is not the correct one
    • C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v3\developer\sdks\si8051\v3\Device\EFM8BB3\peripheral_driver\src
    • C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v3\developer\sdks\si8051\v3\Device\EFM8BB3\peripheral_driver\inc

Let say I do this for the adc_0.c files, I'm still having issue (see include file)

  • with the SLAB_ASSERT() function which can be resolved, what file or include path I need to add to correct that ? 
  • with the efm8_config.h file that is only present into the example related to the demo kit.. what do I need to do to use the SDK for my own project ? should I create my own efm8_config.h file ???


I'm kind of lost right now, I did not find documentation on how to start a blank project using the SDK with simplicity studio, This documentation should exist... please guide me to where it is !



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Re: Simplicity Studio v3.3 SDK HowTo use it ?

Hi @hardy99si,


To use an EFM8 peripheral driver (like adc_0.c) in your own project, you need to do two things:


1. Right click your project name > C/C++ Build > Project Module, then check

  • efm8 > Assert
  • efm8 > PeripheralDrivers > Adc0



Then click Apply. This does two things: adds the .c source file to the build, and adds the appropriate include paths:




2. You will need to provide your own efm8_config.h. This file should contain definitions to configure the peripheral driver. The peripheral driver documentation, including the available defines to configure the peripheral driver, can be found in Simplicity Studio > Software Documentation:




An alternative to all the above is to start with one of the pre-written software examples: Simplicity Studio > Software Examples (Kit: EFM8BB3 Starter Kit) > ADC > Peripheral Driver. These examples have the ADC module selected, efm8_config.h created, etc.