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Simplicity Studio update problems

The latest SS updates have caused me problems..

I have MacOS Sierra and I'm using a Pearl Gecko dev board to program and debug a EFM32JG1B200F256GM48.

The first set of updates on the 11th Feb stopped me being able to connect to the target device, I didn't record the exact message but it was along the lines of couldn't load Commander - need to change something in the bowels of the SS configuration. So, I rolled back to the 31st Jan version.

Yesterday the 13th Feb, I allowed the update to happen again. This time I could build ok and connect to / debug on the target. Yay. But when I tried running the HW Configurator on my existing project, bang. With the help of the error message, I traced the problem to this line in my .hwconf file:

property object="TIMER0" propertyId="timer.clocksettings.clockselection" value="TIMn_CC1"

On creating a new project, I see the syntax has changed to this:

property object="TIMER0" propertyId="timer.clocksettings.clockselection" value="TIM0_CC1 input"

So, I manually made the mod and can run the HW Configurator again.

I still have another outstanding problem with the HW Configurator; I'm using LETIMER0 to output PWM, but when I set the port pin to be push-pull, the Configurator tells me it's an error. I have been ignoring it, but as I'm having a moan..


So, any chance you guys could stop making breaking changes when pushing updates? I'm a bit fed up of having to fix and sometimes re-create my project every time, maybe not Keil or IAR prices fed up, but fed up non the less.


OK, moan over. SS is generally very good, and I cannot beat the price. Is anyone trying to use it for production quality code or do people go for Keil / IAR after the prototype stage?



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Re: Simplicity Studio update problems

Hi Martin,


Thanks for the detailed analysis and solutions for the issues you identified.  I have created a bug report so that we take care of these issues in a future release.


I apologize for the frustration these issues are causing when doing Simplicity Studio updates. We are expanding our regression testing to try and catch these types of issues.  We recognize that we need to add more tests for the Hardware Configurator projects.


Thank you,