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Simplicity Studio and C8051F58x

Hello Silabs, i am still waiting for C8051F58x MCU support in simplicity studio. Do you have a timeline for the support of this MCU and the other missing 8 bit MCU's? Best regards franzif
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Re: Simplicity Studio and C8051F58x

F5xxx device support will not be included in the next release (which will be in July [possibly late June]). I would expect them to be in the following release. 


We have started implementation for this and are actively generating features for those devices. 


I'll float the idea of doing a beta for these features as they get done. Not sure if that will fly or not but I'll give it a shot!

Josh Norem
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Re: Simplicity Studio and C8051F58x

Hi, i'm also using this micro as well as the F500 and would love to use simplicity studio on it, had to custom some files but got the F500 to work and compile, haven't tried the F580 yet