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Simplicity Studio 4 on Mac doesn't install SDKs properly

Good morning


I've just installed Simplicity Studio 4 on my Mac. My access to the Mesh SDK got granted.

So I logged in and downloaded the Bluetooth SDK + Mesh SDK.


Somehow that doesn't work properly. After a restart I clicked on the example projects which gave me the message that an SDK is need. I can even select the SDK with "change preferred SDK" . But that doesn't seem to change anything. It keeps telling me that I need to download the SDK over and over.


I've completely reinstalled the Studio once... same problem.

Any recommendations? 



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Re: Simplicity Studio 4 on Mac doesn't install SDKs properly

Hi @Monk3y,


Are any of the Silicon Labs development kits available to connect to the computer?  If so then after connecting one, it should show up in the Devices window.  Select that and then the SDK to be used with that board will show up under the Welcome to Simplicity Studio message in the main Launcher perspective window.  If a kit isn't available then type a kit part number or board number in the Solution window and select it.  For Bluetooth Mesh development adding the SLWSTK6020B (BRD4104A) to the Solutions tab would be a good starting point.


Thank you,