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SDK Not Installing

I am trying to install the latest SDK using SSv4. It states it installed the files and shows the sdk info under the properties, however, when I go to look in the directory where the file should be (\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v4\developer\), they aren't there


I did move the installation directory from the root (C:\) to my Program Files directory. Not sure if this is causing issues.



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Re: SDK Not Installing

Hi @embedded_guy,


I have seen issues with using the Program Files directory.  The main issue is that by default that directory is read only unless the program is run with elevated priviledges and Simplicity Studio needs to be able to update its subdirectories (like developer).  So even if the user has admin privileges the program still needs to be started with "Run as administrator".  Otherwise, the SDKs probably got installed in the "ProgramData" folder and Simplicity Studio doesn't know to look in that folder.  The second problem is the space in the path name.  That causes issues with some of the SDKs and external toolchains.


For those reasons I recommend using the default location or at least something outside of the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" directories.  If you don't install Simplicity Studio to a different folder, then try using "Run As Administrator" and try to install the SDKs again (might want to delete anything in "ProgramData" or in the User directory AppData directories first).


Thank you,