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Rust Language Support ?

I'm a grad student looking to take this IoT course this coming spring at my University. The class uses the Blue Gecko Dev Kit w/ Simplicity as the IDE. Bare C is what the class tends to use but I would like to be the odd duck and use Rust. Rust seems to be growing in popularity and I'm here to ask if this is supported or not? If it's not, is there any potential future in Rust being supported? I would appreciate some information in regards to this along with how I could potential help in contributing to this development. If Rust is supported and I've some how managed to overlook this would you be so kind to provide some direction on how I should proceed.


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Re: Rust Language Support ?

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it seems that everybody want "their thing" thus SS support Windows linux, Keil IAR ARM SDCC GSM 8051, I doubt (and hope not) that they will add to the complexity and thus the likelihood of bugs

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Re: Rust Language Support ?

Hi @shanedora,


@erikm is correct Simplicity Studio does not support the Rust language and to my knowledge there are no plans to add support.  From my experience, the embedded development world is firmly entrenched with using 'C' (and maybe 'C++'). 


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Re: Rust Language Support ?

For Rust on an ARM Cortex-M4 you will have to build the rust compiler yourself as it is in tier 3. Use the editor and (command line) build infrastructure of your choice to create your application and download the resulting hex-file / elf-file using the Standalone programmer.


To gain access to the SiLabs peripheral drivers you may have to compile them into a static library that Rust can link against. Otherwise you may have to write them yourself, provided Rust lets you do the required low-level access.