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Restart Debugger disappeared?

I've recently installed Simplicity Studio 4.  After rebuilding my project and launching a debugging session, I was able to start stepping through my code.  Everything looked like I would expect it to.


I disconnected, made a few changes to the code, rebuilt it, and launched a new debugging session.  Now the button on the toolbar for restarting the debugging session has disappeared?  And there isn't a menu entry for it either.


How can I get this functionality back?  It's quite frustrating to have to disconnect and reconnect every time I want to go back to the start of code execution...

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Re: Restart Debugger disappeared?

Hi @bdionx,


Try right clicking on the Debug icon in the Simplicity Studio upper right perspective icon area and select "Reset", resetting the Debug perspective back to the defaults should restore the reset icon.


Thank you,