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Invalid project path



I'm starting a new project for the EFM32PG12B500F1024GM48 device and when I create the Configurator project, I'm not able to build it.


Apparently, the include path to the SDK file related to this device doesn't exist. It's initially configured as:


I've check and it doesn't exist.


Since I've found files related to this device on a different folder, I've changed the path to: "${StudioSdkPath}/platform/Device/SiliconLabs/EFM32PG1B/Include"


It solved the file path problem, but now I have other error. The type EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef is not defined. It's on the em_emu.h file but is grayed out inside the "if defined" conditions.


Is this path incorrect?


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Re: Invalid project path

Hi @HugoCunha,


No the path with "EFM32PG1B" in it cannot be used for the EFM32PG12 parts, that path is for the older PG1 family.  Which SDK is being used?  The EFM32PG12 is a fairly new part, so the relevant include files are only included with the Gecko SDK Suite (version 1.0.1 or 1.1.1) and the corresponding MCU SDK ( or respectively) and not the older Gecko SDK 5.0.0 or earlier.  Please make sure the Gecko SDK Suite is installed and that it is selected as the SDK for the project.


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Re: Invalid project path

Hi @jpitt,


That was the problem. Thank you.


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