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Introducing Simplicity Studio 4

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The latest Simplicity Studio update is based on in-depth market research, developer workshops and stakeholder interviews with designers who create IoT products. The primary goal of the update was to make Simplicity Studio more flexible, efficient and easier to use. The underlying software infrastructure of Simplicity Studio now provides custom-tailored installation options, enabling developers to download specific tools for the Silicon Labs product portfolio they are using. This flexibility helps to streamline the download process without the overhead of the full Simplicity Studio suite installation.


We enhanced Simplicity Studio to provide more intuitive content and document navigation. Developers can now engage Simplicity Studio from a device or solution perspective. A developer can click on a pre-defined solution, such as a wearable device, and Simplicity Studio will automatically set its context to the key components comprising the solution, such as an EFM32 MCU, a Bluetooth module and an optical sensor. By eliminating the inefficiencies of context switching and jumping from tool to tool, Simplicity Studio eases the development effort and preserves the designer’s investment in learning a comprehensive tool suite. Simplicity Studio v4 is available now at no charge and can be downloaded at


Check out Simplicity Studio v4 training videos here


Simplicity Studio Training 1: Installation

Simplicity Studio Training 2: Why log-in?
Simplicity Studio Training 3: Navigating Simplicity Studio
Simplicity Studio Training 4: Device Detection/Setting context
Simplicity Studio Training 5: Adapters
Simplicity Studio Training 6: Solutions/ Setting context
Simplicity Studio Training 7: Search
Simplicity Studio Training 8: Package Manager

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Re: Introducing Simplicity Studio 4

I am in a stand-alone environment without internet access on this particular PC, how can I get a link to the full Simplicity Studio 4?


I cant be the only person in this position...

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Introducing Simplicity Studio 4

Dear rtyson256,


Silicon Labs currently does not have an option to do an off-line download of the full Simplicity Studio V4 software.  Adding a mechanism to support off-line downloads is on our roadmap, but it is a few months out.  Is it possible to bring that particular PC to a place that has internet access for the installation? If not I can work with you on installing the complete Simplicity Studio software to another PC.  You will then have to copy the files to the exact same location (drive and directory) on the lab PC.  Please let me know if you still need help with this or you have managed to install it on your own.


Thank you,


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Re: Introducing Simplicity Studio 4

Hi, Has there been any more developments regarding an off-line instance of SS4?