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How to clear the Problems log?



I've created an EFR32 RAIL project from the Simple Rail with Hal template. When building I get the following warning:

Invalid project path: Include path not found

Of course I have no SiliconLabs-Restricted directory on my system. And thus I removed it from the project settings.


Now the issue is that I cannot get rid of the warning in the Problems View. I've already freshened and rebuilt the C/C++ Index, but it doesn't help. Restarting Studio also has no effect. How am I supposed to get rid of it?



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Re: How to clear the Problems log?

Hi @vanmierlo,


That is an annoying warning, I'm not sure why that include path is included in the project.  I was able to remove the warning by removing that path from the project properties GNU ARM C Compiler -> Includes and hit "Apply" and then also remove it from the GNU ARM Assembler -> General tab Include paths and also hitting "Apply" and then 'OK'.  If I just hit 'OK' it seemed like it got added back to one or the other places.


I hope that resolves the issue for you.


Thank you,