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How to build EmberZnet examples on a Mac

I've just acquired a demo kit (SLWSTK6000B) and followed the "Getting Started" instructions in QSG106. I installed Simplicity onto my Mac but I was surprised to see that IAR-EWARM is a Windows .exe file, which I can do nothing with.

Consequently, I get "No Toolchain Configuration" in the IDE when I try to build the example projects. How do I get them to build on a Mac?

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Re: How to build EmberZnet examples on a Mac

Hi @fishtrousers,


Yes IAR only has a Windows version of their ARM compiler.  On the Mac (or Linux) the IAR compiler is running using 'wine' (a Windows emulator program). Simplicity Studio installs a copy of wine into its directory structure, but if there is an existing wine installation on the Mac then a symbolic link should be added to that existing installation.  Assuming there is not another installation of wine, open a 'term' session and navigate to where wine is installed and then use wine to launch the IAR-EWARM installer:

'cd /Applications/Simplicity\'

'./wine ~/Downloads/EWARM-CD-7802-11975.exe'


The IAR installer will then be launched.  After installation the IAR toolchain is stored at Users/[USERNAME]/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/IAR Systems.  IAR has various evaluation licenses available for the toolchain, but a full license would probably be needed for full development.  After the IAR toolchain is installed a restart of Simplicity Studio should detect it.


The Mesh development team is working on adding gcc support as an option for EmberZNet development, I am not sure when that support will be released.


Another option some people do on the Mac is to run Simplicity Studio inside of 'Parallels' which is a fairly inexpensive program, it can also be used to run the IAR ARM compiler.


I hope the above is enough to get you started building the EmberZNet examples, let me or the Wireless Mesh support forum know if you have additional issues.


Thank you,



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Re: How to build EmberZnet examples on a Mac

Thanks for the speedy and informative reply.


gcc support would be ideal. I'll keep an eye on this to see if it materialises.