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Feature request: To easily add SDK files from within Simplicity Studio

To the Simplicity Studio developers,


I would like to ask for the following feature to be added to Simplicity Studio.


Currently when we want to use a peripheral (e.g. LEUART) in a project we must find the corresponding driver file in the SDK directory (e.g. em_leuart.c). These files are hidden away in a deep path of the Simplicity Studio installation directory. After you've found the file on disk you must drag it into the project and do not forget to set the path relative to the STUDIO_SDK_LOC. And then you must hope you used the right SDK folder.


I would request to be able to do this from within Studio by right-clicking the project or one of its folders and choose e.g. "Add SDK file". This should open a popup window that lets you browse the currently active SDK for this project and preferably also search for the peripheral name (e.g. leuart). I guess it should only show .c files. I would not want to wade through all the device specific header files nor the example files.


I think this will make it much easier to create useful applications instead of only easily being able to recreate example applications.




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Re: Feature request: To easily add SDK files from within Simplicity Studio

Hi @vanmierlo,


Thank you!  That is a good idea, I will enter it as a feature request.


In the mean time, for an existing project that already has some SDK files in it, one way to quickly add more files from the SDK is to right click the file and choose "Browse Files Here" that will open a browser window for the folder that contains the file in the current SDK and then files can be selected and dragged and dropped to the appropriate folder.


I will enter your feature request though, as I think that would be a more intuitive way to add files from the SDK.


Thanks again for the suggestion.