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EFR32 EMDLL Error -1202 in Debug Console



   I'm using EFR32 Wireless Development Kit, I have update my kit firmware to version 

1v0p2b678. and I have try to upload the example ZigBee application. When I connect JTAG to open debug console, it show only debug message "EMDLL error -1202".


   I have try to fix it all day, but still not find the way to get it work. hope somebody can help.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: EFR32 EMDLL Error -1202 in Debug Console

Hi @Paniti,


That error message is a timeout error message that is normal and shouldn't have been logged.  The issue has been fixed in the Simplicity Studio release that was done on Friday, March 10, 2017.  Please update to the latest version of Simplicity Studio. 


Are there errors being reported when Simplicity Studio is trying to upload the application to the board (before the adapter console error occur)?



Thank you,