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EFM8UB2_USBXpress_{Echo,TestPanel} Linux Compile Problems

Same path name problems as VCPXpress. See Linux VCPXpress Compile Problems

plus the debugger had the wrong idea of the path to usb_0.c. I forget what the debugger though it was, but here's what it should be (relative to SimplicityStudio_v4 installation directory):



I also tried to compile EFM8UB2_USBXpress_TestPanel sample project. In main.c I find:

* This example communicates with the TestPanel Windows application installed
* by the USBXpress SDK (typically installed at:
* C:\SiliconLabs\MCU\USBXpress_SDK\Examples\TestPanel\Host\Windows).

which does not exist. I was able to find something close, installed as:


but nothing for my EFM8UB2 board. Is there a Linux version of the host TestPanel application available for download somewhere?

 I ran the testpanel sample in the debugger, and found it to be in a routine checking for USB device suspended. When I hit "Step Return", the debugger showed this in its console:

Can't find a source file at "C:/jenkins/workspace/EFM8_USBXpress_Release/efm8_usbxpress/lib/sdk/Lib/efm8_usb/src/efm8_usbd.c" 
Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location.

efm8_usbd.c is actually in:


relative to the SimplicityStudio install directory.


Finally, is there any progress on the connectivity problem shown in What is siagent?



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Re: EFM8UB2_USBXpress_{Echo,TestPanel} Linux Compile Problems

Hi @bjbatten,


There is not a version of the host TestPanel application for Linux.  The Windows version of the program is in the USBXpress SDK which can be found in the software download section of ( ), but the program has not been ported into Simplicity Studio.  In Simplicity Studio there are various Host_Application_Software examples in the v4.0x/an directory.  I do not know if these would port or build under Linux.


There are some other Knowledge Base Articles and Community Forum threads that indicate USBXpress is not supported under Linux:


But you might get a better answer on the 8-Bit MCU forum.


Thank you,


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Re: EFM8UB2_USBXpress_{Echo,TestPanel} Linux Compile Problems

Hi @jpitt,

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately (it may be old eyes) the closest I can get to the Windows TestPanel application is the release notes. I'll look around in v4.0x/an and see what I can see.


I posted here because the relevant problems are all to do with various typos in file name paths for the Linux version of SimplicityStudio, not EFM8 hardware itself.