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Device Selection



There is something really strange going on in Simplicity Studio 4 with device selection / detection. I have a board which has an EFR32FG1V132F256GM32 (marking: EFR32 FG1V132GG) on it connected to an STK in OUT mode. But it constantly thinks I have an F32 connected instead. I can totally physically remove the part and click refresh all I want, but it won't disappear. And when I want to program it I get:

SiLabs SS4 Select Compatible Device.png


How am I supposed to tell it what I have connected? Oh wait I've found that out:


In the Launcher perspective select the J-Link Silicon Labs of the STK and click Device Configuration and select the part you want.

     SiLabs SS4 Device Configuration.png

And then RESTART Simplicity Studio !


Why doesn't it check if what it thinks should be connected is really there, especially when I press Refresh?


I understand that using the wrong kind of debug interface can create havoc, so just continuously polling is not the way to go. But it should not be too hard to verify.


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Re: Device Selection

Hi @vanmierlo,


The underlying J-Link dll that is used to connect to the device does not automatically detect parts when the WSTK / STK is in Debug OUT mode.  The reason it does not automatically detect the part is that proves to be unreliable, so the target part has to be set manually.


But you should not have to restart Simplicity Studio after changing the Device Configuration.


Thank you,


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Re: Device Selection

In my view there is a huge difference between automatically detect and detect when I press Refresh. Or: detect when I start the download.