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Debug out mode with Simplicity IDE

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I have Giant Gecko Starter Kit ST3700 (with EFM32GG990F1024), but

I want to debug my board with Leopard Gecko EFM32LG380F256 using

Simplisity IDE. I am stepping as:

1. I connect my board over 20-pin debug connector to ST3700.

2. I use energyAware Commander to set link with my board:

Debug mode - out

Address mode - USB#0 (ST3700 does not work for Serial Number

in out mode with my board!)

J-Link speed - 500 kHz (ST3700 does not work with my board

for speed more 500!)

It link OK - I can see MCU information for my EFM32LG380F256.

I can flashing my board with energyAware Commander and so on.

3. I close Commander and open Simplicity IDE with my project.

4. I select <Detect...> and window Device Detection is opening.

I see line with EFM32 Giant Gecko Starter Kit in it. When

I select this line <Details> window appear.

It show <MCU Name: EFM32LG380F256> (not EFM32GG990F1024!).

5. I select <Flash Programmer>. It show my EFM32LG380F256 also.

I select <Program> to flash my program - error window appear:

Failed to program flash

TCF error report:

Command: FlashSupport flash "jlink.440012544.kit.mcu",

"D:\\My_EFM32\\RSR_232\\GNU ARM v4.8.3 - Release\\RSR_232.hex",


Error text: Flashing: Cannot recognize MCU

Error code: 131073

I have some questions:

a) Is it possible to debug EFM32LG380F256 with ST3700 or I must

buy ST3600?

b) Does Simplisity IDE change Debug mode and J-Link speed after

it's setting up energyAware Commander?

b) How I can setup Debug mode and J-Link speed in Simplisity IDE?


PS. I have moved this post from topic <32-bit discussion>.


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Re: Debug out mode with Simplicity IDE

The problem is J-Link speed.  There's currently no way to set that in in the IDE.  It uses the max speed by default.  We will be adding that functionality, along with everything else from the original eACommander, to Simplicity Studio v2.  We're actually working on this now, as it is scheduled for our next update in September.  So you will be able to set J-Link speed, change debug and addressing modes, etc.


Until that update, I wonder if there's something you can do with your setup to get it to work at a higher J-Link speed.  How long is the 20-pin cable you're using?  The shorter the cable the better in this scenario.




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Re: Debug out mode with Simplicity IDE

Thanks you, Warren.  I  will use energyAware Commander with its flashing and  SWO terminal as long as enter update IDE.