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Copy project/workspace - settings, files, everything to new directory

Here is what I would "like" to do - mainly because this is what I'm used to.


1. Copy an entire project/workspace from one directory into a new directory, Project1 into Project2.

2. Search and replace all text instances of Project1 to Project2 in the Project2 directory so that file paths and names are updated.

3. Open new project/workspace from the Project2 directory, and continue working in new directory with same files, settings, or change files and settings as needed in new project.


Maybe there is already way to do this, but the steps above didn't seem to work as a brute force method. Nor is there a Copy Project button to take care of copying files and changing paths in project files automatically. Instead, it seems like Studio wants me to create a new project from scratch, re-entering all of the settings that may have taken days to get right.


So here are my questions. 

1. Is there a way to copy a project as described in steps 1-3 above.

2. Is there an easy, automatic, semi-automatic way of copying a project (and settings) with Studio tools ?


Or is creating a new project, re-entering all the settings again, then copying resources from one project to another the only way ?



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Re: Copy project/workspace - settings, files, everything to new directory

Hi @gahelton1,


If you right click on the project folder and select "Copy" (or press CTRL-c assuming Windows or Linux) and then right click and select "Paste" (or CTRL-v) then a Copy Project dialog box will appear giving you the ability to name the new project and to set the location.  All the files and links will be copied over / updated so all you have to do is build the new project, no need for a global search and replace.


Let me know if you have issues with the above procedure.


Thank you,