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Connection problems - unable to install SS

I am trying to reinstall SS4. Getting all sorts of connection errors. I've gone through the suggestions I've found on this forum with no luck. I've tried disabling antivirus and firewall, same result. Maybe there is an issue with the SiLabs servers today? If not can you please point me to an offline installer to try? Thank you.

Posts: 48
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Re: Connection problems - unable to install SS

Please escalate this. I have customer designs that can't be completed until I get SS re-installed.

And to be clear, SS4 was installed and running. I uninstalled it because I had a couple of odd problems that made me think a new install would help.


I have tried:

1. disabling WIndows Firewall

2. turning off anti-virus

3. deleting all references to simplicitystudio in the registry.

4. safe mode.


None of these had any effect.

Thank you.