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An other Way ?


it there an other way to effective work with the BGM111 or 113 without this stupid studio ?

I loose more time in seting up a new projekt and getting first time compiling than for the writing the whole application.

To many points to adjust, to many things to do right before starting.

To many errors !!!

real bull**bleep**t.


I just want to write my applications in C and bring them to work !!!!


I'm not a friend of MS but Visual Studio is much faster and easier to work with.



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Re: An other Way ?

Keil and IAR have ARM compilers, so, if you are willing to spend $1000s to 'avoid the hassle' buy from either.

yes SS is not perfect but neither is the free development software from other manufacturers.


Eclipse is universal and anything universal will necessarily be less 'user friendly' than a single purpose solution.

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Re: An other Way ?

I use IAR allready, becouse the CCG doesn't work with SS yet.


But I don't know how to open a projekt without SS with all the many files and the stack included.


So I open a projekt with SS and than work with IAR anyway.