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C8051F850 电动机控制参考设计

C8051F850 Motor Control Reference Design

  • Silicon Labs C8051F850 无感应器无刷直流 (BLDC) 电动机控制参考设计
  • 随时可使用发电机控制解决方案,搭配产品级质量硬件和软件,在成本敏感性应用中快速评估和部署

SiM3L1xx Low-Power 32-bit MCU Evaluation Kit



  • compact, economical and easy-to-use Precision32™ development board
  • ultra-low power consumption of SiM3L1xx 32-bit MCUs in an LCD-based system
  • contains a SiM3L1xx MCU, segmented LCD, supercapacitor, LED, optical sensor, debug interface and USB port



C8051F850 Motor Control Reference Design


  • C8051F850 Sensorless Brushless dc (BLDC) Motor Control Reference Design
  • a ready to use motor control solution with production-quality hardware and software
  • provides a complete system-level solution for sensorless brushless dc motors




Energy Harvesting with Wireless Sensor Node


  • The Energy Harvesting Reference Design
  • extremely low power wireless sensor node application
  • powered by a solar cell array



Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Demo



  • both the EFM32™ Zero Gecko Starter Kit and sensor expansion board
  • Si7013 Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Si1147 Proximity/UV/Ambient Light Sensor, and all IR LEDs and optomechanical components
  • Silicon Labs Touchstone TS3310 DC/DC converter


Sensorless BLDC Motor Reference Design



  • 5 mm x 5 mm C8051F310 microcontroller for high performance sensorless BLDC motor applications
  • a platform for motor code development
  • sensorless brushless DC motor control and measures motor position without the use of position sensors



Stepper Motor Reference Design

Stepper Motor Reference Design.png


  • Stepper Motor Reference Design 
  • use the 3 mm x 3 mm C8051F301 microcontroller
  • high performance stepper motor applications



Utility Class D ToolStick


  • direct-drive Class D amplification using the SiM3U1xx high-drive I/O
  • integrated USB 2.0 full-speed transceiver, internal oscillator and phase-locked loop (PLL), up to 300 mA high-drive I/O, dual ADCs, enhanced PWM timer and capacitive sensing
  • 1 W Class D amplifier and a speaker


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